About Me

Welcome to WrightBuilt.ca!

Hi there!

I am Alexander and am currently working on too many projects to keep track of … thus, I decided to put everything together in one place for myself. Then, I figured, why not share these projects with everyone who is curious?

As for building experience, I have practiced wood working through my childhood to present and wood working has laid the foundation for my general mechanical knowledge. Throughout junior high, I spent a large portion of my time working on or driving RC cars. In Grade 9, I first learned about hobby 3D printers and self taught myself CAD and CAM for additive manufacturing. Upon graduation, I finally got my first 3D printer and have been hooked since. Fast forward a few years and I have a handful of printers. Recently, I have participated in international AI challenges and have designed and prepared a rocket that achieves an altitude of 10,000 feet!

Presently, I am using my photo archives as I am working on back logging previous projects to the best of my memory. In the future, I am attempting to make a more detailed archive of the projects for both myself and others to reference when undertaking their own projects. As for building, I have plans for adding a CNC router to the mix. I will likely get back in to RC vehicles. I also anticipate having some other more random ideas to pursue in the next few years as well.


My 2019 cinematized LEGO self portrait.